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We are a company with a firm position on the international transport market. We value credibility, confidence and long-term cooperation.
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Dynamic but steady development of the company results from many factors.

A competent team, modern transportation fleet, accurate traffic service systems and emphasis put on safety are the values of our appreciated company.

We strongly believe that each of these fields is of great value and only a consequent control of their high level may guarantee long-term satisfaction of our contractors


Our company was established in 1992 to specialize in high quality transport and international freight forwarding.
Since 1993 it has been a member of the ZMPD (Association of International Road Transport Carriers in Poland).

Due to long-term experience we gained a firm position on the market of transportation companies. A dynamic development of the company results from its punctuality and reliability. A competent team, modern transportation fleet and traffic service systems contribute to our good reputation. .

We hold all necessary licenses and certificates including cargo insurance for the amount of USD 300,000 and cabotage insurance in the territory of Germany for up to EUR 1,000,000.


We have introduced a modern control system of vehicle location which enables to obtain information on a vehicle’s location accurate to several metres. We are able to react early enough in order to deliver the cargo in due time.


We value long-term cooperation, therefore, our priority is to be always perceived as a credible and reliable company.
Thus, we gained the confidence of many large companies.

From the very beginning we decided to create a team of trained and competent employees who will professionally deal with your orders.